Never Miss a Pattaya Event Spectacular Again

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Pattaya is renowned for its entertainment, which is as abundant as it is diverse. However, as well as its all year round shows, bars and clubs, it also hosts many significant annual events that too good to be missed.

Pattaya Fireworks Festival



Pattaya’s countdown celebrations start with the lighting up of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, followed by a fabulous firework display. There are concerts on the massive stage on the beach throughout the week with many stalls and vendors along Beach Road, making for a great party atmosphere. The hub of the New Year celebrations is at the Bali Hai Pier, where lots of games, music and entertainment can be found, suitable for all the family. The culmination of the week’s events is the countdown fireworks that seem to get bigger and better every year. Read More

Spend New Year’s at Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Pattaya is a lively beach resort town on the shores of The Gulf of Thailand, just 90 minutes to the south of Bangkok. Because of its proximity to Bangkok, Pattaya is a popular getaway for Thais, as well as being a haven for tourists from all over the world and home for many expats. Pattaya is probably most famous for its diverse and interesting entertainment, with plenty to see and do at any time of the day. This may be relaxing on one of the beaches, visiting one of the many tourist attractions, shopping or something more cultural such as visiting one of the many interesting temples in and around the city. After the sun goes down, Beach Road and the adjoining streets become the center of Pattaya’s infamous nightlife, making the Holiday Inn Pattaya, a perfect location for a stay in Pattaya.

Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments

About The Holiday Inn

The family friendly Pattaya hotel is located on the corner of Pattaya Sai 1 Road and Beach Road, which runs along the seafront in Pattaya, and is a central location for visiting all the major attractions in Pattaya. The hotel has 567 guest rooms, over 26 floors, all of which have their own private balcony offering amazing sea views. There are a further 200 rooms in the executive tower, with an executive club on the top floor where breakfast and evening drinks can be taken. Read More

6 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Come to Pattaya

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Pattaya has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a sleepy fishing village, 100 kilometers south of the capital and boasts being one of the top tourist draws in Thailand. Pattaya is also home to some of the best attractions Thailand has to offer that should not be missed.

Pattaya Elephant Village

The Pattaya Elephant Village is about a 30-minute drive from the center of the city. It was founded in 1973 as a sanctuary for working elephants, unable to work due to ill health or injuries. The village is home to 30 elephants and the village relies on tourism to keep the animals in a safe environment and receives no government funding.  Visitors can see elephants bathing and three shows are lasting 90 minutes where visitors can see demonstrations of elephants at work. The more adventurous can go elephant trekking but allow plenty of time as the trek, which includes an hours ride, a walk through the jungle and a river crossing, before heading back to the village, takes over 3 hours. This is one of the best Elephant villages in Thailand a great day out for all the family.

Pattaya Elephant Village


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What to do in Pattaya during December

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The popular and picturesque resort of Pattaya is a great place to visit at any time of the year and December is no exception. Pattya is around one hundred kilometers south of Bangkok and is a popular resort for both tourists and Thais and also has a large expat community.  Although Christmas is not celebrated in Thailand, insomuch as it is not a public holiday, most hotels, bars and malls will have the festive decorations out for New Year well before Christmas. The weather is also cooler in December as the Thai winter draws in, making it an ideal time to go exploring.

Naklua Beach

Credit: Star Tour

One of Pattaya’s premier attractions is the Sanctuary of Truth. A magnificent temple made entirely of wood, using traditional methods. The construction of this one hundred and five-meter tall temple started in 1981 and is still an ongoing work, scheduled for completion in 2050. Visitors can watch the master craftsmen at work while they walk around in awe of this impressive and imposing structure.  The temple is open daily from 8am – 6pm and is a must-see during your stay in Pattaya. Read More

The Six Best Pattaya Shopping Malls

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Shopping in Pattaya


Thailand’s eastern shores are a welcoming location to many travelers seeking a piece of paradise in Thailand. Many travelers from around the world come to the coast to experience its lovely shores, pleasant nightlife, and lively atmosphere. A lot of people choose to go to Pattaya, Thailand’s world-renowned seaside city. While many come to Pattaya to spend their vacation partaking in exciting outdoor activities such as sightseeing, no vacation is complete without shopping. Along with warm weather and rich culture, Pattaya provides an excellent shopping experience for tourists and locals.

The following are the six best Pattaya shopping malls to go to on a lazy day off.

Royal Garden Plaza

The Royal Garden Plaza, located along Beach Road, is famous for the red airplane and bright yellow balloon along the entrance. Both landmarks are part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum. The museum is also part of the shopping center. The shopping experience provides several famous name-brand stores as well as electrical goods, souvenirs, and restaurants to choose from. The Royal Garden Plaza is known for promoting the concept of an “entertainment mall” with a combination of trendy shops, great restaurants, fun attractions, and family activities to enjoy all in one place. Read More

Visit Pattaya’s Beautiful and Exotic Temples on Vacation

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The beautiful city of Pattaya lies on the south-eastern seashore of Thailand. It boasts many attractions that draw tourists to its shores. One of the must-see attractions are the ancient temples. These temples harken back to a simpler time, offer a place for visitors to enjoy meditation and tranquility. While on a day trip to the various temples, visitors will be able to learn about the history of each sanctuary by their grand architecture features, dramatic statues, as well as their serene surroundings filled with the peaceful sounds of prayer and meditation.

Home of the Big Buddha

Wat Phra Yai was built in the 1940s and is home to the largest Buddha statue in the region. The statue stands above the trees and can be seen from a great distance from the temple. It measures in at 18 meters tall and is a favorite among groups touring the temple. It is also a popular point of interest for locals who come to pray at the foot of this magnificent statue. Visitors can be blessed by monks for a small donation, ring bells for good luck, take pictures of the many smaller statues of Buddha found in the temple walls as well as take in the sights of the city from high above. Wat Phra Yai is located just 2 km south of the city on the top of Pratumnak Hill. One option for visitors to get to the temple is a bus, which costs about five and a half U.S. dollars (approximate 200 Thai baht). The admission price to the temple is free, which makes it a great option for those looking for culture on a budget.

Wat Phra Yai


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What Long-Stay Travelers are Looking For in A Hotel

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Are you planning on booking for a long stay vacation in Thailand? Many travelers around the world chose Thailand as their go-to destination to experience Thai culture, tradition, indulge in food, or experience the grandeur of local attractions. While staying and living in Thailand is quite affordable, it comes without mention that staying long-term can be quite costly. However, there is a way to mitigate your costs while on vacation.

Holiday Inn Destination Go Phratum nuk

Pattaya City

If you plan on booking a long stay at a hotel, here are a couple handy tips to use while on vacation.

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Top Sites & Landmarks to Not Miss in Pattaya City

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East of Thailand


Pattaya proves to be an extraordinary place to visit as the city welcomes people from around the world to visit its glorious shores and mingle with the locals. Pattaya City is in Chonburi Province, a very well-known province for avid vacationers looking for a destination to unwind by the Gulf of Thailand, without wandering too far from Bangkok. Although Pattaya is synonymously associated with nightlife and fabulous shows, the city offers many impressive sites and landmarks to visit. Pattaya is divided into three sections; North, South, and Central. Each ‘district’ in Pattaya has its very own ‘identity’ depending on what vacationers are looking for in a tourist hotspot. In this article, the written piece explores Pattaya’s noteworthy cultural (and non-cultural) attractions and landmarks which in turn, should never be missed on a spectacular vacation in Thailand.

Thai Alangkarn Theater Pattaya

Nothing is quite spectacular than viewing a Pattaya cultural show, performed by skilled actors and actresses and bringing Thai mythology to life. The Thai Alangkarn Theater takes audiences on a memorable journey through time with supporting music (with surround sound), light shows, and intricate choreography. The show is divided into three Acts; Act 1 represents Belief, Act 2 represents Thai arts and culture, and Act 3 focuses on the rise of the Kingdom of Thailand. The first Act, Belief introduces audiences to Thai civilization, how Thai civilization came to be and how the people adapted through the ages through song and story. The next scene, the Great Naga focuses on of Thailand’s legendary myths, the Great Naga. The Naga is a serpentine creature believed to live in the Chao Phraya River. Additionally, the Great Naga is believed to be the Kings’ protectorate during any sieges planned by the enemy.

No other show in Pattaya exudes Thai grace and intricate choreography other than the Thai Alangkarn Theater. The theater is a definite must-visit. Read More

Pattaya’s Top Venues for a Romantic Outing

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Pattaya City is highly recognized as one of Thailand’s top must-go-to beach destinations in the country, due to its abundance of sandy white shores, top beach facing resorts, and stunning venues and attraction. The city is a great destination to head off to when planning on ending the old year on a high note; many people go to Pattaya to vacation and create great memories, including popping the question. If you’re looking for a place to spend a romantic day or evening in Pattaya then look no further; below are a couple of extraordinary places to consider for a romantic outing in Pattaya.

Holiday Inn Pattaya Dine & Win promotion



Pattaya has many gorgeous beaches which stretch along the entire coastline. Pattaya’s three main beaches include Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, and Naklua Beach. The three beaches are recognized for its crystal clear waters and abundant water-related activities, plus, great panoramic beachfront hotels. Pattaya Beach (as well as other beaches) offers a variety of water-oriented things to do like swimming, banana boat riding, and jet skiing, and snorkeling. Another great thing to do by the beaches is to take a quick stroll during sunset and stop by local cabanas and street vendors lined a long Beach Road. Read More

Why You Should Book Directly with Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Holiday Inn Pattaya is Pattaya’s leading family-friendly hotels in Pattaya, Thailand’s leading coastal city. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Pattaya to experience the waves, attractions, people, shopping, and entertainment. A hotel to book in Pattaya is the Holiday Inn Pattaya. Holiday Inn Pattaya recognized for its outstanding service and commitment under the InterContinental Hotels Group. Should you plan a vacation in Pattaya, it’s recommended to book Holiday Inn Pattaya for a fantastic trip by Thailand’s famous seaside destination.

Holiday Inn Pattaya Exterior Shot

Holiday Inn Pattaya

The Hotel

The Holiday Inn Pattaya is a family-friendly, child-oriented hotel in Pattaya. The hotel features two towers; the Executive and Bay Towers and each equipped with spacious rooms for solo, couples, family, and business vacationers. Holiday Inn Pattaya serves as an excellent hotel not only for family travelers but also for business-oriented travelers. The hotel comes equipped with many meeting rooms, fully equipped with the latest audio and visual tech. Each conference hall ranges in size and capacity, whether it’s the hotel’s Auditorium, ballrooms, or the multitude of meeting rooms available for booking.

The hotel’s professional in-house meeting experts can help guests customize the rooms according to their preferences. Read More

The Best of Outdoor Adventure Activities in Pattaya

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Although more commonly associated with lazing on the many beaches, or by the beautiful pool at a resort, Pattaya has a lot more to offer tourist seeking adventurous outdoor activities. Pattaya has a multitude of superb and sensational outdoor activities to choose from, including: water sports, golf, elephant trekking, hiking, and island hopping. For travelers who crave adventure and the outdoors, Pattaya is one of the best destinations in Thailand.

Know Where You Want to Go

When planning any kind of outdoor adventure, travelers need get to know the area ahead of time, and know what their limits are for each activity. For instance, if wanting to go scuba diving, travelers need to make sure they meet all the requirements, and find a tour or scuba company that best suites the needs of their trip. Travelers also need to have a base to return to when their adventure is done for the day. Booking a Pattaya hotel should be a top priority on any travelers list. Finally, travelers should make a list of all the activities they would like to accomplish while in Pattaya, and most of all, have fun on all their adventures. Read More

Exciting Things Families Can Do at Khao Kheaw Open Zoo

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Known for its nightlife and status as a resort town, Pattaya is often overlooked when considering family vacations. However, over the years Pattaya has reinvented itself as a more family-friendly destination. Aside from the many amazing beaches and hotels, Pattaya hosts a variety of activities that are fun for the entire family, regardless of age. One of the most interesting, and fun, attractions for families is the Khao Kheaw Open Zoo.

Planning Ahead

Whenever planning a family excursion, be prepared for all possibilities. Make sure to have a hotel confirmed, cash on hand, transportation organized, and most importantly, have a great time. The Khao Kheaw Open Zoo will easily fill an entire day during a family trip to Pattaya. Many amenities are available in the gift shops and other kiosks around the Zoo, but it is important to have a small survival kit of bandages, tissues (for the washrooms), moist hand wipes and/or sanitizer, water, and small snacks. The survival kit helps to prevent any small problems that may arise when a kiosk is not handy, or when watching a show.

Khao Kheaw Open Zoo


Ticket Prices and Services

Ticket prices for the Khao Kheaw Open Zoo are 300THB per adult, and 150THB per child, and include two free shows, making the entrance fee quite affordable. For travelers who have rented a vehicle, the Zoo is easy to drive through, with many areas for parking and seeing the sights. The Khao Keaw Open Zoo is much too large to walk through, so if travelers do not have a car with them, golf carts are available for rental by the hour. Read More

Are You an Art Lover? Go to Pattaya’s Must-Visit Art Destinations

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One of the best ways to spend a vacation to Thailand is to absorb the culture through its art. One of the best places in Thailand to appreciate and view the arts is in Pattaya. Although more well-known for its plentiful beaches, and desirability as a resort-town hotspot, Pattaya is, in actuality, an art lover’s paradise. With a wealth of amazing art destinations, Pattaya is a must visit for tourists wanting to appreciate and view the arts of Thailand.

Art in Paradise - Pattaya


Day by Day

With so many amazing art destinations to visit, it is important to have a plan in place in order to get the most out of a day. Key things to keep in mind when planning each day are: how close the venue is to the hotel accommodation, what art destinations are close by each other, how much will transportation cost, how long will it take to get to the destination, and how much time does each destination need? By factoring in these considerations when planning a vacation, travelers can maximize their exposure to the arts and have a relaxed and enjoyable tour of each destination. There are three key places not to miss: Art in Paradise, the Bottle Art Museum, and Viharn Sien. Read More

Unmissable Attractions at the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park

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Pattaya is known for its amazing beaches, nightlife, and its status as a great resort town. With many family activities available, there are no easy decisions about what attraction should be a priority. However, one specific attraction should not be missed while staying in Pattaya. Newly opened in October of 2014, the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is the ultimate family attraction, and is the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark. This unique and exciting waterpark is filled with multiple unmissable attractions for all ages and will make for a memorable vacation.

Holiday Inn Play Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Amazone

Knowing the Terminology

This one of a kind waterpark is located only 20 minutes from the center of downtown Pattaya, and easily accessible from popular family oriented hotels. The Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark uses specific classifications for each activity, ranging from Kids to Thrill and specifies a minimum height and/or weight requirement for safety reasons. Please be sure to read and understand all ride restrictions beforehand, and then be prepared to have the ultimate day of fun and excitement. Read More

Best Island Destinations in Pattaya

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Pattaya Beach

Image Credit: Dragos Olariu

Thailand is renowned for its beautiful coastline and beaches, but one of the main reason’s people go to Thailand is because of their many islands, most of which are only a short trip from the mainland. Pattaya has a handful of small islands around its coastline, and all of the islands are only a short trip away by speedboat charter.

List of Islands

Pattaya’s Islands offer beautiful beaches, clear water, beautiful landscapes, snorkeling, and swimming. However, be sure to pack a lunch and water because, depending on which island you choose, there may or may not be any food or other services. The main islands around Pattaya are Larn Island, commonly known to tourists as Coral Island, Koh Sak Island, and a small group of islands referred to as the Bamboo Islands. Read More

Basic Thai Vocabulary Everybody Should Know

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Traveling to foreign lands with new terrains to experience a country’s native and vibrant cultures is what makes the trip worthwhile going for. Sometimes, however, the language barrier can become an obstacle, especially if the country’s native language does not feature any English alphabets and words. While traveling to a new country may also seem daunting to some, there is a way to get around comfortably; one of the recommended tips is to get your hands on a language phrasebook to help get ready for a fantastic vacation. While a majority of Thai tourist-oriented cities feature many signs in English, and the populace speaks English (to a certain extent), it is great to know locally used phrases as well. While your pronunciation may not be the best, the locals will nonetheless understand what you’re trying to say.

Below, is a post to help you get familiar with the most commonly spoken words and phrases in Thailand and how to appropriately use them.

One of the most important things tourists should know is the critical difference between words spoken for men and women. For men (in general), the correct way to address oneself is using the term “phom”, while Thai women use “chan”, that translates to “I” in English. For conversations with people, it is polite to add “krub” (for men) or “kha” (for women) at the end of each sentence. Apart from our universal language, our gestures, you can always add a smile and say “Sawasdee” (Hello) whenever you want to greet someone. Saying “Sawasdee” will be a helpful icebreaker especially to Thai people who are not familiar with “Farang” (foreign tourists).

Street food

If you plan on traveling around, one of the most convenient ways to travel in Bangkok is by utilizing the BTS (sky train) and MRT (subway) which provide instructions and signs in English. However, if you want your traversing a bit easier, take a taxi. You can ask the driver, “Phood Pasa Angkrit Dai Mai” (Can you speak English?). If you continue to repeat this sentence, and he responds by shaking his head saying “Mai Khao Jai” (I don’t understand), you can tell him where you want to go by saying, “Yark Pai Tii + your desired place” (I want to go to + your desired place). If he still does not understand you, it is best to pull out a map and point to the location you want to go. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone, open a maps application and show him. Once you have reached your desired location, you can always thank the driver by saying, “Khob Khun krub/kha” (Thank you).

Other useful phrases to learn are phrases to use when visiting a restaurant. For example, if you are currently residing at your beachfront hotel, and you want to know where you can grab a bite, you can ask your concierge, “Nae Num Raan Arharn Taew Ni Hai Noi” (Can you recommend some restaurants around here?). If you want to try street food, you can substitute “Raan Arharn” (restaurant) with “Arharn” (food). At the restaurant when you have taken a seat, you can request the English menu by saying, “Mee Maynuu Pasa Angkrit Mai” (Do you have English menu?). Additionally, Thai cuisine is well-known for a variety of ingredients and features a spectrum of tantalizing flavor, derived from herbs and spices and local produce. However, if you are allergic to certain food items, you are required to inform the waiter/waitress that you are allergic by saying, “Phom/Chan Phae + allergen” (I’m allergic to + allergen). The most common types of food allergies foreigners are most prone to are: “Gung” (shrimp), “Arharn Talay” (seafood), “Thua” (peanut), and “Nom” (milk). By knowing these useful terms, you can ensure your meal will be prepared and cooked properly without any dangerous allergens.

For people concerned about their health, you can kindly request the waiter or waitress to communicate to the kitchen to not add in MSG or chili; “Mai Sai Phong Chu Ros” (Please do not add MSG) or “Mai Sai Prik” (Please do not add chili). If you want to challenge yourself against a spicy dish, you can tell the waiter or waitress, “Sai Prik Yer Yer” (Please add lots of chillies) or you can play safe and say, “Sai Prik Noi Noi” (Please add a little bit of chili). For vegan lovers, you can ask, “Mee Maynuu Jae Mai” (Do you have a vegetarian menu?). Once you have finished your meal, it is time to get the bill. Gesture your waiters or waitress and tell them, “Keb Ngern” (Bill, please).



When going shopping in markets or malls, there are useful phrases you can say such as, “Raka Taorai” or “Khii Bath” (How much?). If you believe the price is too high for your taste; bargain it out. You can say, “Lod Hai Noi Dai Mai” (Can I have a discount?). In case the seller refuses to lower the price, you can politely say, “Mai Aow” (I do not want it) and walk away.

Other useful phrases to know are, “Khob Khun Mak” (Thank you very much), which is the superlative of Thank You, “Kor Thod” (Sorry or Excuse me), and “Mai Pen Rai” (It’s ok, Never mind, or You’re welcome).

Using new Thai phrases may be challenging. However, once you get used to it, it will make your vacation in Thailand that much more pleasant and hassle-free.

Why Stay at the Holiday Inn Pattaya?

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Exe Club Acc Corner_1014The Holiday Inn Pattaya Bay Tower offers spacious rooms and suites, all of the amenities guests need to relax and feel at home, and scenic ocean views. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the hotel’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will be ready to help you get the most of out your stay in Pattaya. Holiday Inn Pattaya has a variety of accommodation options and is located in a prime location, right alongside a world-renowned beach.

Comfortable and Family-Friendly Suites

Holiday Inn Pattaya Bay Tower has 567 guest rooms and suites contained in its Executive Tower and Bay Tower. Each tower features vibrant decor, and the Executive Tower is also host to the Executive Club, which offers breakfast, daytime refreshments, and evening drinks. In addition to its rooms and suites with an ocean view, the hotel has a family suite which contains kid-friendly decor and a separate children’s room (Ocean View Family Suite) that is connected to a Pattaya Bay Room for the adults. All rooms feature contemporary furnishings, an LCD television, and high-speed Internet access. Read More

Activities to do in Pattaya for the Hardcore ‘Adventurist’

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People who travel around the world are sometimes in search of one thing: Adventure. Whether the adventure takes place down a coiled alley, through highly congested night markets, or enjoying the outdoors, there’s always activities people can do when on vacation. Thailand features a treasure trove of exciting outdoor activities the hardcore ‘adventurist’ can participate in, depending on the province. Those who would love nothing more than to scale tall cliffs can travel to Thailand’s southern regions or for those itching for a canopy adventure can head north instead. For many people going to Thailand, they want a bit of both and the best place to get your adventure on as at Pattaya.

Pattaya is known globally as Thailand’s most tourist-heavy (and expat paradise) city and offers a plethora of activities to do; snorkeling, canopy adventures, kayaking, go-karting, and more. For travelers looking for nothing more than an adrenaline-pumping adventure, look no further than Thailand’s Eastern seaboard. Read More

Chill Out at Pattaya’s Best Spots for Live Music

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If you are visiting picturesque Pattaya on the Eastern Gulf of Thailand, you won’t have a hard time finding places to hear some great live music. If you’re in the mood to kick back and enjoy some music while in this lively town, be sure to check out these noteworthy spots. No matter what kind of music you like, Pattaya’s choices will be sure to hit the spot for you.

NYE_Microsite_Header Read More

Senior Travel Tips for Travelers to Pattaya

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For travelers of all ages, Pattaya is a must-see destination. From picturesque beaches that invite relaxation to a variety of luxurious accommodations that cater to every taste, Pattaya has much to offer seniors seeking an exotic cultural vacation experience. Here are some tips that will help seniors traveling to Pattaya get the most out of this tropical paradise.

Seniors at Beach


Shore to Please

Just a two-hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the top beach destinations in Southeast Asia. For senior travelers looking to relax in an idyllic atmosphere, Pattaya delivers. With several beaches to lure travelers, Patty’s sand and surf are inviting. Travelers seeking activity and adventure can enjoy a variety of sports, from golf to bungee jumping to a range of water sports. For travelers interested in decompressing on the shore, the beaches of Pattaya cater to travelers with roaming vendors offering drinks, tasty food, and massages. It is important to remember that the sun is strong in Pattaya, so travelers will do well to apply sunscreen often throughout the day. Drinking plenty of bottled water and staying near shade will help make a stay on the beach pleasant and relaxing. Read More