Meetings Done Differently

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Meetings Done Differently

The idea of an offsite visit is very appealing for all parties involved. For the employer, it is a chance to build some real bonds with employees and see them in an informal setting. Learning more about the characters of the men and women that are the lifeblood of your business is one of the things that most employers cite as their main reason for investing in great offsite meetings and team building exercises.












For employees, it is a much-needed respite from the daily grind of office work. It is also a chance for employees to get decompress and work on interpersonal issues that cannot be resolved in a regular workday.

Armed with these reasons, companies, institutions and organizations from all over the world choose Pattaya as a destination to get the most out of their meetings. The Holiday Inn Pattaya has always been a strong destination for finding common ground and making big decisions. As far as meetings go, we have hosted so many different kinds of meetings and we are looking to hosting even more in the future. Here are a few things we’ve learned and observed about making meetings more creative, effective and interesting.














Start the Day outside the Meeting Room A day full of meetings and sitting down isn’t something that most people find particularly exciting. So how does one introduce enthusiasm and energy to the proceedings?

Begin the day with some kind of physical activity, outdoors preferably, to get the blood pumping. If the team is small, a guided bike ride or a quick dip in the sea might be a fun way to get everyone awake and if it is a larger group a quick yoga session would be a good place to start. Once the pulse is racing and everyone has gotten up to speed, the meeting will go even more smoothly.

Establish a Common Goal Early but Seek out Suggestions Meetings are not decided by committee nor are the topics, the person who needs to set the agenda or the aim of the meeting must be allowed to do so.

However, this is where the regular formality and hierarchy should pause for a while and attendees of the meeting should be asked for their suggestions and solutions. Gather all the suggestions beforehand and finalise the agenda for the meeting so that participants are satisfied with their contribution. Engaged participants always lead to better meetings.

Create Great Breaks A regular series of meetings in a traditional workplace has functional breaks for food and downtime. A meeting in a beautiful resort in Pattaya should have breaks that inspire people to come back for more.

Firstly, don’t make the break a short chunk of time, extend it more than normal to allow people to use their time creatively.

Secondly, try to coordinate something fun for people to do that really maximizes their experience. Banana boat rides, parasailing or simple barbeque lunch are all just a few examples of making the break extra special.

End with Clarity and on a High Note The end of the day is what most employees are looking forward to the most. Even the most engaging and thought-provoking meeting gets tiring towards the end, so seize this opportunity to save the best for last.

Wrap up the day’s events with a summary that everyone can take with them. Give them a reason to remember this day and this advice. Once the final summary has been delivered, finish on a positive note. Perhaps a stand-up comedy routine or a musical performance to show that the session is at an end and now it is time to unwind.




There are many ways to close a day of meetings, find what works best for the group.Contact the Holiday Inn Pattaya for more tips on how to get creative with your meetings and we’ll have our professional event organizers work with you to create something memorable and useful.


The Workshop at Holiday Inn Pattaya: Plan Your Next Event with Us

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Do you have a special event coming up? Need a place to host it? Consider the Holiday Inn Pattaya as your venue. We have a full list of meeting areas to fit almost any need, from corporate to festive to casual. Our most unique and popular meeting spaces are the rooms and auditorium of The Workshop.

The Workshop is a collaborative environment, with all the tools needed for work combined with the feel of an artist’s studio. You’ll love the natural light that washes over these rooms.

The Workshop Meeting Rooms

The Workshop Includes four meeting rooms of varying sizes:

  • Meeting Room 4 – 90sqm.
  • Meeting Room 5 – 95 sqm.
  • Meeting Room 6 – 91 sqm.
  • Meeting Room 7 – 91 sqm.

These rooms can be set-up in a variety of ways, depending on your function and needs. Those options include:

  • Cocktail style: smaller tables spread out, holding about 50 people
  • Banquet style: larger tables and chairs for sit-down eating, with a count of 50
  • Cabaret style: tables with chairs facing forward only, can fit up to 65 people
  • U-Shape style: tables make a horseshoe, can hold up to 24
  • Classroom style: tables and chairs facing forward in rows, 45 seats available
  • Theatre style: Rows of chairs facing forward, with a maximum of 60 people
  • Boardroom style: large table with seats around it for 30 people
  • Hollow style: similar to the u-shape, this setup creates a full rectangle, seating 30

Please note, not every configuration is available in each room. These rooms can be used together, with one being a meeting room while using another space for meals or a cocktail hour.

The Workshop Auditorium

The Holiday Inn Pattaya is home to the first auditorium space within a hotel in the city. Expect a spacious venue, measuring 115-sqm. The auditorium is ideal for many types of events, including meetings, lectures, concerts or other entertainment. With theatre-style seating, you will have space for 75 attendees. With raised levels for seating, a great view is guaranteed.

Helping You Plan Events and Meetings

Our staff of meeting and event planners will work with you to select the correct room and layout depending on what type of group you have. We’ll advise you on which layout is an ideal choice. We can cater your event with a full sit down eating meal, buffet, cocktails, and more.

At the Holiday Inn Pattaya, you will have plenty of choices for cuisine. From seafood to more traditional Thai fare, the catering options are plenty. During this phase, we’ll provide you with our menu of options and share our expertise on what pairs well together. In addition to food, there is so much that goes into planning your event. Should you need audio-visual equipment, we will arrange this for you. Any small things we can do to make your event a success, we certainly will. Let us worry about preparing your space so you can focus on everything else.

Get Rewarded for Using IHG for Meetings

IHG offers Business Rewards. When you book meetings with us, you get rewarded. This offers you points not only for the hotel rooms you book but also the meetings and events you plan. Speak with your Holiday Inn Pattaya meeting planner to enquire about these bonuses. Earn points that you can use for future trips, events, or meetings.

Contact Holiday Inn Pattaya Today to Plan Your Event

Ready to start planning your meeting? Our helpful staff are here to help. Get in touch today to discuss options, pricing and availability. Just complete our meeting inquiry form

Hi Club at Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Holiday Inn Pattaya is exactly the perfect hotel for those who are looking for a few days away with friends or family, business travel or just a weekend break. With its beachfront accommodations, restaurants with worldwide dishes, and great bars, including the “The Rooftop – Level 25” with views of the Pattaya Beach. We can guarantee you that this Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel can provide everything travelers need. And now there is an even more SPECIAL OFFER from us, with the name of the “Hi Club” Card, as the perfect way of saying thank you to our valued customers with these astonishing benefits;

Food & Beverage Discount

The Food and Beverage are the proudest things Holiday Inn Pattaya can offer. This hotel has always been famous for great dishes, views, friendly staffs, and the best spa services for your body and mind. And the Hi Club membership also offers 25% for food and drinks in

Get One Big Event Ticket

The Hi Club Card will guarantee your rights to get a ticket for big events of the year by Holiday Inn Pattaya, including

  • Songkran Party,
  • X’Mas in July Party,
  • or End of Year Party.

One of these tickets normally costs 750 Baht. But you will get a free one with this 500-Baht Hi Club membership card. So rewarding!

Discount From The InterContinental Pattaya

Hi Club Card’s owners will get the F&B discount from the InterContinental Pattaya Resort as well! And all the restaurants inside this hotel serve high-quality menus with a great sea view, like

  • The “Infiniti” Restaurant with many positive reviews about the panoramic Pattaya view, or
  • the “Element” restaurant with dishes from all around the world, and opens from 6 AM – 11 PM.

Hi Club Card’s owners will get 25 % discount for food and 20% for drinks from all restaurants in this quality hotel.

Whoever loves good food and great drinks experiences, you are INVITED to join our Hi Club membership card. With all the benefits and inexpensive memberships, this card will surely impress you every time you visit this paradise city! More Question? Contact for more information anytime!


5 survival tips for travelling with kids in Pattaya

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Planing a family trip to Pattaya soon? Does the thought of planning a holiday with the kids makes you want to retreat under the covers?

Here are 5 survival tips for traveling with kids in Pattaya to help with the process:

Step 1: Avoid the hassle of long car rides and choose accommodation that is conveniently located close to Pattaya’s popular family attractions. Pattaya is home to the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark with over 13 acres of family raft rides, speed-racing slides and water-play fortresses for an afternoon of slips and slides.

Cartoon Network Amazone


Read More

Spend New Year’s at Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Pattaya is a lively beach resort town on the shores of The Gulf of Thailand, just 90 minutes to the south of Bangkok. Because of its proximity to Bangkok, Pattaya is a popular getaway for Thais, as well as being a haven for tourists from all over the world and home for many expats. Pattaya is probably most famous for its diverse and interesting entertainment, with plenty to see and do at any time of the day. This may be relaxing on one of the beaches, visiting one of the many tourist attractions, shopping or something more cultural such as visiting one of the many interesting temples in and around the city. After the sun goes down, Beach Road and the adjoining streets become the center of Pattaya’s infamous nightlife, making the Holiday Inn Pattaya, a perfect location for a stay in Pattaya.

Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Moments

About The Holiday Inn

The family friendly Pattaya hotel is located on the corner of Pattaya Sai 1 Road and Beach Road, which runs along the seafront in Pattaya, and is a central location for visiting all the major attractions in Pattaya. The hotel has 567 guest rooms, over 26 floors, all of which have their own private balcony offering amazing sea views. There are a further 200 rooms in the executive tower, with an executive club on the top floor where breakfast and evening drinks can be taken. Read More

What to do in Pattaya during December

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The popular and picturesque resort of Pattaya is a great place to visit at any time of the year and December is no exception. Pattya is around one hundred kilometers south of Bangkok and is a popular resort for both tourists and Thais and also has a large expat community.  Although Christmas is not celebrated in Thailand, insomuch as it is not a public holiday, most hotels, bars and malls will have the festive decorations out for New Year well before Christmas. The weather is also cooler in December as the Thai winter draws in, making it an ideal time to go exploring.

Naklua Beach

Credit: Star Tour

One of Pattaya’s premier attractions is the Sanctuary of Truth. A magnificent temple made entirely of wood, using traditional methods. The construction of this one hundred and five-meter tall temple started in 1981 and is still an ongoing work, scheduled for completion in 2050. Visitors can watch the master craftsmen at work while they walk around in awe of this impressive and imposing structure.  The temple is open daily from 8am – 6pm and is a must-see during your stay in Pattaya. Read More

Pattaya’s Top Venues for a Romantic Outing

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Pattaya City is highly recognized as one of Thailand’s top must-go-to beach destinations in the country, due to its abundance of sandy white shores, top beach facing resorts, and stunning venues and attraction. The city is a great destination to head off to when planning on ending the old year on a high note; many people go to Pattaya to vacation and create great memories, including popping the question. If you’re looking for a place to spend a romantic day or evening in Pattaya then look no further; below are a couple of extraordinary places to consider for a romantic outing in Pattaya.

Holiday Inn Pattaya Dine & Win promotion



Pattaya has many gorgeous beaches which stretch along the entire coastline. Pattaya’s three main beaches include Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, and Naklua Beach. The three beaches are recognized for its crystal clear waters and abundant water-related activities, plus, great panoramic beachfront hotels. Pattaya Beach (as well as other beaches) offers a variety of water-oriented things to do like swimming, banana boat riding, and jet skiing, and snorkeling. Another great thing to do by the beaches is to take a quick stroll during sunset and stop by local cabanas and street vendors lined a long Beach Road. Read More

Why You Should Book Directly with Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Holiday Inn Pattaya is Pattaya’s leading family-friendly hotels in Pattaya, Thailand’s leading coastal city. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Pattaya to experience the waves, attractions, people, shopping, and entertainment. A hotel to book in Pattaya is the Holiday Inn Pattaya. Holiday Inn Pattaya recognized for its outstanding service and commitment under the InterContinental Hotels Group. Should you plan a vacation in Pattaya, it’s recommended to book Holiday Inn Pattaya for a fantastic trip by Thailand’s famous seaside destination.

Holiday Inn Pattaya Exterior Shot

Holiday Inn Pattaya

The Hotel

The Holiday Inn Pattaya is a family-friendly, child-oriented hotel in Pattaya. The hotel features two towers; the Executive and Bay Towers and each equipped with spacious rooms for solo, couples, family, and business vacationers. Holiday Inn Pattaya serves as an excellent hotel not only for family travelers but also for business-oriented travelers. The hotel comes equipped with many meeting rooms, fully equipped with the latest audio and visual tech. Each conference hall ranges in size and capacity, whether it’s the hotel’s Auditorium, ballrooms, or the multitude of meeting rooms available for booking.

The hotel’s professional in-house meeting experts can help guests customize the rooms according to their preferences. Read More