Tea Tree Spa is Pattaya’s Luxury Spa

By March 11, 2015Facilities

tea tree spaOne of the best things to do on vacation in Thailand is to experience the thrilling culture, indulge in a fantastic array of innovative cuisine and traverse through the cities. Many people come to Thailand, especially Pattaya, to come face-to-face with the rolling waves of Thailand’s most popular seaside city. A lot of people come to Thailand to experience the best of authentic Thai massages, executed perfectly by experienced massagers.

The Tea Tree Spa is one of Pattaya’s top luxury spas, featuring the best massagists to deliver a soothing spa session whether you’re here on vacation or you’re pressed for time; come and visit the spa to escape the daily stresses of everyday life and leave feeling new again. Whether you are a business trip or a leisurely holiday brings you to Holiday Inn Pattaya, if you feel in need of some pampering, Tea Tree Spa has just the thing for you. The aim at the spa is to take care of you in a way that leaves all your senses engaged, rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Each product used for the treatments consists of natural ingredients that are sourced from all over the world and delivered by expert massagists.

Packages Available

The Tea Tree Spa is no stranger to using the best massage oils and creams to deliver an outstanding spa session. The spa offers a variety of signature spa packages from ranging from 60 – 120 minutes per session. Each session is developed by the hotel’s massagists to ensure each session is unique. Such sessions include Jet Lag, a soothing 120-minute long session aimed at rejuvenating your senses after a day of intense travelling. Other packages aim to spoil you senseless, featuring expert skin exfoliation techniques, soothing aromatherapy massage and a mini-facial to top it off.

Tea Tree Spa Signature Treatments:

  • Tea Tree Signature: 150 mins/3,490 THB
  • Because You Deserve It: 150 mins/2,950 THB
  • Out For Lunch: 60 mins/2,890 THB
  • Hold My Calls: 120 mins/2,890 THB and 90 mins/2,590 THB
  • Re-Boot Your System: 120 mins/2,890 THB and 90 mins/2,590 THB
  • Jet Lag: 120 mins/2,890 THB
  • Thai Touch: 90 mins/2,890 THB

Specialized spa packages start as low as 2,890 THB per session.

Other than offering exquisite and calming spa packages, the Tea Tree Spa provides guests with an A La Carte Menu. The menu features stand-alone sessions you can book at a lower price. These sessions focus on one or two areas of the body, depending on the session offered. You can choose from a vast array of traditional massages, back, foot, facial and body treatments. Additionally, the spa provides expert manicure and pedicure packages to young children, ages 6 – 11 years old and teenagers, ages 12 – 16 years old.

A visit to the Tea Tree Spa at the Holiday Inn Pattaya is more relaxing and energizing than a few hours of sleep, a yoga session or breathing exercises. Featuring a team of professional therapists taking care of your every need, the Tea Tree Spa is committed to revitalizing your body, senses and soul.

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