Tips for Buying the Best Shower Filter

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best shower filter

The best shower filter for most people is the one that lessens chlorine and other impurities like sulphur that causes a dry, itchy scalp by 99 percent. It must also be the one that will improve both your hair and skin, making them softer and cleaner. What is a shower filter? A shower filter is best described as a plumbing accomplice fixed to your shower arm before you get your shower head installed. Shower filters are simply used to filter out chlorine and other impurities from water.

Quite a number of homes have hard water, which is rich in residue and minerals that can be a problem in your home. Minerals in hard water in your shower can accumulate in the shower head, leading to the jet nozzles becoming clogged, meaning that the shower head requires more cleaning than necessary.

Why Filter Your Shower?

  • Makes Your Shower to be Healthier – Chlorine is re-vaporize in the shower and you breathe it in right into the lungs, sop it up through your pores and skin as you shower. Doing away with chlorine as well as other impurities from your shower makes you healthier.
  • Healthy Hair and Skin – Shower heat opens the skin pores that give room for the absorption of chlorine and other harmful chemicals. This can harm the hair and skin. Bathing in water with considerably abridged chlorine will make both your hair and skin healthier and nice-looking. You will be able to experience a softer hair and smoother skin in just one week of installing best shower filter.
  • No Offensive Odor – You will breathe easier as there is no intense chlorine odor in the shower. This will improve your skin, health and energy as a whole.
  • No Irritation – If you suffer from exzema, a shower filter is good for you. It will cause no irritation any more, particularly after using chlorinated water.

How to Choose the Best Shower Filter?

Despite the fact that a shower filter is a great addition to your bathroom, you should make sure that you buy the one suitable for the needs of you and your family.

Do you really need a Shower Head?

A number of people want to change their shower system completely, when they buy a new shower filter while others just want to include a filter to supply clean water and reduced maintenance for their shower head. You should opt for a filtered showerhead, if you are seeking a shower head with your shower filter because this will feature a showerhead that will give the convenience of not having to buy showerhead separately. However, you can save money by buying the shower filter alone, if you plan on using an existing showerhead.

How High Is Your Water Pressure?

It is noteworthy that the type of shower filter you buy can affect your water pressure. You should think about buying a restricted shower filter, if the water pressure in your home is high because it will have a restrictor valve.

This restrictor will help you save money and water and you will also be certain that your new buy abides by regulations. Restricting the flow is the last thing you will want to do, if you already have low pressure water in your home. In this case, you should look for a shower filter with a removable restrictor valve. This will let you remove the valve before installing it.

How Cost Effective

Will your Shower Filter Be? All best Shower filters come with filter cartridges that must be changed after a certain period of time or length of use. If you have a big family or more than a few people who will be using the shower filter for the whole the day, then you will need to change the cartridge more frequently than if there are smaller number of users. You should make sure that the substitute cartridges are reasonably priced and that you won’t need to change the cartridge too often throughout the year.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of benefits associated with installing a showerhead water filter in your home if you don’t have a complete house water softener. The best shower filter makes your shower to be healthier, ensures healthy skin and hair, and has no irritation or offensive smell.

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