Hi Club at Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Holiday Inn Pattaya is exactly the perfect hotel for those who are looking for a few days away with friends or family, business travel or just a weekend break. With its beachfront accommodations, restaurants with worldwide dishes, and great bars, including the “The Rooftop – Level 25” with views of the Pattaya Beach. We can guarantee you that this Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel can provide everything travelers need. And now there is an even more SPECIAL OFFER from us, with the name of the “Hi Club” Card, as the perfect way of saying thank you to our valued customers with these astonishing benefits;

Food & Beverage Discount

The Food and Beverage are the proudest things Holiday Inn Pattaya can offer. This hotel has always been famous for great dishes, views, friendly staffs, and the best spa services for your body and mind. And the Hi Club membership also offers 25% for food and drinks in

Get One Big Event Ticket

The Hi Club Card will guarantee your rights to get a ticket for big events of the year by Holiday Inn Pattaya, including

  • Songkran Party,
  • X’Mas in July Party,
  • or End of Year Party.

One of these tickets normally costs 750 Baht. But you will get a free one with this 500-Baht Hi Club membership card. So rewarding!

Discount From The InterContinental Pattaya

Hi Club Card’s owners will get the F&B discount from the InterContinental Pattaya Resort as well! And all the restaurants inside this hotel serve high-quality menus with a great sea view, like

  • The “Infiniti” Restaurant with many positive reviews about the panoramic Pattaya view, or
  • the “Element” restaurant with dishes from all around the world, and opens from 6 AM – 11 PM.

Hi Club Card’s owners will get 25 % discount for food and 20% for drinks from all restaurants in this quality hotel.

Whoever loves good food and great drinks experiences, you are INVITED to join our Hi Club membership card. With all the benefits and inexpensive memberships, this card will surely impress you every time you visit this paradise city! More Question? Contact for more information anytime!


Introducing Thai Dinner Buffet at East Coast Kitchen

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Friday Thai Dinner Buffet

Holiday Inn Pattaya introduces their Thai dinner buffet every Friday evening.

Enjoy the taste of Thai traditional cuisines including Panang, spicy pork salad, Tom sab, live somtam station, BBQ chicken, crispy pork belly, fresh salad bar, and a selection of Thai desserts at East Coast Kitchen, Executive Tower 6 floor 6.00pm – 10.00pm.

Price at THB 499 net per person. Free flow beverage package price at THB 499 net / person for 2 hours. Kids under 12 years old eat free. For more information or reservations please call 038 725 555.

5 survival tips for travelling with kids in Pattaya

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Planing a family trip to Pattaya soon? Does the thought of planning a holiday with the kids makes you want to retreat under the covers?

Here are 5 survival tips for traveling with kids in Pattaya to help with the process:

Step 1: Avoid the hassle of long car rides and choose accommodation that is conveniently located close to Pattaya’s popular family attractions. Pattaya is home to the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark with over 13 acres of family raft rides, speed-racing slides and water-play fortresses for an afternoon of slips and slides.

Cartoon Network Amazone


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Basic Thai Vocabulary Everybody Should Know

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Traveling to foreign lands with new terrains to experience a country’s native and vibrant cultures is what makes the trip worthwhile going for. Sometimes, however, the language barrier can become an obstacle, especially if the country’s native language does not feature any English alphabets and words. While traveling to a new country may also seem daunting to some, there is a way to get around comfortably; one of the recommended tips is to get your hands on a language phrasebook to help get ready for a fantastic vacation. While a majority of Thai tourist-oriented cities feature many signs in English, and the populace speaks English (to a certain extent), it is great to know locally used phrases as well. While your pronunciation may not be the best, the locals will nonetheless understand what you’re trying to say.

Below, is a post to help you get familiar with the most commonly spoken words and phrases in Thailand and how to appropriately use them.

One of the most important things tourists should know is the critical difference between words spoken for men and women. For men (in general), the correct way to address oneself is using the term “phom”, while Thai women use “chan”, that translates to “I” in English. For conversations with people, it is polite to add “krub” (for men) or “kha” (for women) at the end of each sentence. Apart from our universal language, our gestures, you can always add a smile and say “Sawasdee” (Hello) whenever you want to greet someone. Saying “Sawasdee” will be a helpful icebreaker especially to Thai people who are not familiar with “Farang” (foreign tourists).

Street food

If you plan on traveling around, one of the most convenient ways to travel in Bangkok is by utilizing the BTS (sky train) and MRT (subway) which provide instructions and signs in English. However, if you want your traversing a bit easier, take a taxi. You can ask the driver, “Phood Pasa Angkrit Dai Mai” (Can you speak English?). If you continue to repeat this sentence, and he responds by shaking his head saying “Mai Khao Jai” (I don’t understand), you can tell him where you want to go by saying, “Yark Pai Tii + your desired place” (I want to go to + your desired place). If he still does not understand you, it is best to pull out a map and point to the location you want to go. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone, open a maps application and show him. Once you have reached your desired location, you can always thank the driver by saying, “Khob Khun krub/kha” (Thank you).

Other useful phrases to learn are phrases to use when visiting a restaurant. For example, if you are currently residing at your beachfront hotel, and you want to know where you can grab a bite, you can ask your concierge, “Nae Num Raan Arharn Taew Ni Hai Noi” (Can you recommend some restaurants around here?). If you want to try street food, you can substitute “Raan Arharn” (restaurant) with “Arharn” (food). At the restaurant when you have taken a seat, you can request the English menu by saying, “Mee Maynuu Pasa Angkrit Mai” (Do you have English menu?). Additionally, Thai cuisine is well-known for a variety of ingredients and features a spectrum of tantalizing flavor, derived from herbs and spices and local produce. However, if you are allergic to certain food items, you are required to inform the waiter/waitress that you are allergic by saying, “Phom/Chan Phae + allergen” (I’m allergic to + allergen). The most common types of food allergies foreigners are most prone to are: “Gung” (shrimp), “Arharn Talay” (seafood), “Thua” (peanut), and “Nom” (milk). By knowing these useful terms, you can ensure your meal will be prepared and cooked properly without any dangerous allergens.

For people concerned about their health, you can kindly request the waiter or waitress to communicate to the kitchen to not add in MSG or chili; “Mai Sai Phong Chu Ros” (Please do not add MSG) or “Mai Sai Prik” (Please do not add chili). If you want to challenge yourself against a spicy dish, you can tell the waiter or waitress, “Sai Prik Yer Yer” (Please add lots of chillies) or you can play safe and say, “Sai Prik Noi Noi” (Please add a little bit of chili). For vegan lovers, you can ask, “Mee Maynuu Jae Mai” (Do you have a vegetarian menu?). Once you have finished your meal, it is time to get the bill. Gesture your waiters or waitress and tell them, “Keb Ngern” (Bill, please).



When going shopping in markets or malls, there are useful phrases you can say such as, “Raka Taorai” or “Khii Bath” (How much?). If you believe the price is too high for your taste; bargain it out. You can say, “Lod Hai Noi Dai Mai” (Can I have a discount?). In case the seller refuses to lower the price, you can politely say, “Mai Aow” (I do not want it) and walk away.

Other useful phrases to know are, “Khob Khun Mak” (Thank you very much), which is the superlative of Thank You, “Kor Thod” (Sorry or Excuse me), and “Mai Pen Rai” (It’s ok, Never mind, or You’re welcome).

Using new Thai phrases may be challenging. However, once you get used to it, it will make your vacation in Thailand that much more pleasant and hassle-free.

Why Stay at the Holiday Inn Pattaya?

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Exe Club Acc Corner_1014The Holiday Inn Pattaya Bay Tower offers spacious rooms and suites, all of the amenities guests need to relax and feel at home, and scenic ocean views. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the hotel’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will be ready to help you get the most of out your stay in Pattaya. Holiday Inn Pattaya has a variety of accommodation options and is located in a prime location, right alongside a world-renowned beach.

Comfortable and Family-Friendly Suites

Holiday Inn Pattaya Bay Tower has 567 guest rooms and suites contained in its Executive Tower and Bay Tower. Each tower features vibrant decor, and the Executive Tower is also host to the Executive Club, which offers breakfast, daytime refreshments, and evening drinks. In addition to its rooms and suites with an ocean view, the hotel has a family suite which contains kid-friendly decor and a separate children’s room (Ocean View Family Suite) that is connected to a Pattaya Bay Room for the adults. All rooms feature contemporary furnishings, an LCD television, and high-speed Internet access. Read More

Eat Healthy at Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Terrazzo-600px-2Before the 20th century, travelers often avoided foods eaten in countries they visited. By braving the unknown and misunderstood, curious vacationers discovered new culinary traditions. With faster transportation and the spread of hotel chains, standardized food preparation made meals once deemed too foreign to risk eating safer for foreign palates. Today’s travelers have developed strong preferences for culinary styles differing significantly from those of their home countries. With relatively new sophistication, international travelers now rank Thai cuisine among the top five culinary techniques in the world.

Thai cuisine is a unique blend of sweet, salty, sour and pungent flavors crafted with colorful ingredients reputed to have medicinal properties. Asia’s modern hotels understand that Thai dishes are some of the healthiest available, giving their regional restaurants license to offer traditional Thai dishes. Guests will find Thai flavors influencing their international meals as well. Chefs can use the same spices in Thai, American, Australian and Italian cuisines, adding impact to meals travelers would otherwise find mundane. Lemongrass, ginger and chili are reputed to fight flatulence and prevent nausea by stimulating digestion.

Folk medicine uses cumin as a stimulant. Basil may suppress coughs and, like garlic, cause the body to cleanse itself through sweating. Travelers can experience this contemporary blending of culinary cultures when visiting three restaurants at the Holiday Inn Pattaya, Thailand. Read More

The Best Cafés to Chill Out in Pattaya

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Pattaya is a beautiful city in Thailand that welcomes tourists from around the world every year. When visiting Pattaya, you’ll want to try the delectable entrées at several of the city’s cafés. The cafes in Pattaya are known for their creation of exquisite meals. Listed below are a few cafés that are popular among tourists and residents.

Au Bon Pain Café – This café is located in the Bang Lamung District offers a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you visit this café, you can order from the bakery, sandwich, soup or snack menu. A kids’ menu is also available.

Bake n Brew – When you’re looking for something sweet to eat with a cup of coffee, the Bake n Brew is located on Nongprue near The Village.

Baywatch Café – American and Thai dishes are the highlight of this café, and that’s why many patrons have given positive reviews. You can find this café on Pattaya Beach Road near the Pattaya Beach.

Café G – You can find the Café G at Holiday Inn Pattaya. When you visit this café, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of international cuisine. The spacious seating and bright environment makes this place an ideal dining location for you and your family. Read More

IHG Culinary Panel

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IHG Culinary PanelHoliday Inn Pattaya presents the best of gastronomic and culinary visionaries in an exciting IHG Culinary panel featuring the top award-winning celebrity chefs:

  1. Theo Randall for Italian Cuisine
  2. Ian Kittichai for Thai Cuisine
  3. Dean Brettschneider for Bakery and Pastry
  4. Sam Leong for Chinese Cuisine
  5. Ross Lusted for Modern Australian Cuisine

The chefs or IHG Culinary Ambassadors work closely with IHG F&B teams to develop 125 unique recipes for each IHG hotel restaurants across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa (AMEA). The aim of the panel is to continue building a comprehensive portfolio of cuisines varying in taste, texture and presentation, providing an exceptional dining experience to the guests.
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5 Interesting Facts about Pattaya

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Pattaya serves as an exciting city in the Gulf of Thailand, featuring many notable and world-class destinations culminated in one fantastic paradise. Pattaya is best known for its fast paced lifestyle to awe-inspiring attractions seen nowhere else in the world. Additionally, the seaside city is also home a host of family friendly hotels, nature reserves, premium shopping outlets and leisurely attractions. While there’s a handful of information about Pattaya, here are five interesting facts tourists may not know about this bustling seaside destination!

Kite Surfing Pattaya

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Delve into Delicious Fine Dining in Pattaya

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Pattaya’s dining scene is eclectic and colorful. Many visitors enjoy simple dining and fine dining in Pattaya with thanks to the city’s varied choices of local and international flavors and sometimes, a combination of both. Pattaya offers a vast array of local cuisine, including distinctive (yet delicious) Thai-styled curries, flavored rice pudding, mouth-watering street foods to locally made desserts. This beautiful seaside city has no shortage of delicious meals for adventurous tourists to try out. The city has a vast expanse of restaurant that caters to different audiences; from upscale restaurants to grabbing local (and homemade) dishes, Pattaya can indeed fulfill your culinary desires.

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Why You Should Book a Room at Holiday Inn Pattaya

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Holiday Inn Pattaya sparkles like a jewel on pristine Pattaya Beach. The hotel features luxurious accommodations and world-class cuisine at affordable prices. It is ideally suited to families, weddings, business meetings, and social events. Guests enjoy exquisite views from floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies. The hotel is convenient to local attractions, water sports, shopping, and golf. Read More