Work Hard and Party Harder at Holiday Inn Pattaya!

By October 6, 2018Activities

Work Hard and Party Harder

Team building is essential when it comes to running a business. The general rule is, a happy employee equals a motivated employee. Moreover, a solid team is built on the relationships you make, so, allocating time aside for team bonding sessions is imperative. Strengthening the bonds between co-workers and keeping the ideas fresh are reasons why many companies choose offsite trips in a new place change to stir things up.

If you are looking for a destination for your next company retreat,

Holiday Inn Pattaya is a great place. The importance of having new experiences with your team. So, here is a quick peek into what you can expect if you choose us.

Work Together During the Day

Every productive team outing includes a team building exercise, which can be a workshop, team activities or a seminar. For this, we have a creative venue we know as “The Workshop”, which features a workstation with internet, an auditorium for seminars, a workshop space, as well as an area for coffee or a snack break and more.

Our meeting rooms also cater from small intimate groups to a large-scale audience and are customisable to fit your agenda.

Nevertheless, you will need a great idea to fit in the space, so here are some ideas you can feed off:

  • Have a Sharing Session: Gather your team to reflect on their experience, including memorable and worst memories, with the company. By doing this, employees will get to understand each other better and you’ll be able to work on building better teamwork. You can also ask your employee to write down their challenges in the workplace and share it with the group, while the rest can offer suggestions on how to work through it together.
  • Get Your Game On: Games are fun, especially those which rely on strong teamwork. A fun activity that will get minds going is a treasure hunt or a race, where your team will be broken up into smaller groups to solve mind-boggling riddles to get their next clue.
  • A Team Workshop: A good way to get some insight is inviting knowledgeable speakers from other companies or agencies to give an insight into the industry or conduct a workshop. Moreover, you can always throw in some fun activities in between the workshops to work their minds.

Party Hard at Night!

Parties are a great way for employees to expand relationships outside of the office as they will learn more things about one another and potentially, build friendships that may last a lifetime. Plus, the Pattaya experience only grows more fun at night when everyone gets to let their hair down.


instead of planning a night out around the town, why not host a staff party at Holiday Inn Pattaya?

a Staff Party package which covers of various options for different budgets Our experienced and, professional team of meeting planners will provide hands-on assistance to ensure the events goes on without a hitch and is according to your requirements.

From entertainment to the buffet menu, where you’ll be able to choose from a cocktail buffet, Thai buffet, international buffet, a western set menu or a seafood BBQ buffet features, our packages come with different fun themes and are customizable to fit your plans.

Our package also includes A free flow of soft drinks at the party and , complimentary corkage (conditions apply), complimentary barrels of beer, food and beverage vouchers, among other benefits.

So, eat, drink and party with your employees and build bonds that will translate into a better office environment. Join us at the Holiday Inn Pattaya, make an enquiry and we’ll be happy to help you plan a great event.